Just a quick post to link to a podcast I was listening to today that I thought was worth sharing. Powerlifting for the People is a regular podcast covering all things powerlifting and is a really great listen for anyone with any level of interest in the topic. In this edition Coach Gaglione talks about planned treat meals vs cheat meals for those on any type of weight loss journey.

What he does talk about at one point is learning about the reasons we often cheat on weight loss programmes and that can be summarised with the acronym HALT.

H: Hungry, A: Angry, L: Lonely, T: Tired. I think for myself, all of those ring very true and are always the true tests of weight loss resolve. Have a listen, let me know what you think.

I am away this weekend, staying in a hotel, I am not taking food with me so will be at the mercy of hotel catering, but I have decided that this weekend the meals will be treats, I am 1kg past my target weight, a treat is justified.