Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Probably a bit of a cliche, but also hopefully the truth, and my aim is for that life to be as long as I can possibly make it.  The date is May 7th, one day after the Holy Shit moment and a really important day, it is the day when things change.  But how are they going to change, what single thing can I do that will make a difference, that will bring about a meaningful change, what is my most pressing issue.  As a an ‘Operations Director’ I often have to look at the array of projects in front of me and try to pick the critical issues in the projects, the one thing waiting for a Holy Shit moment to move it forward, or to point it in a new direction.  The answer came relatively easy for me, as it was something I have been telling myself to change for many years now, my weight.  If I lose weight I will feel better, I will take the pressure of my knee that has been hurting for 2 years now, I will be able to get up stairs without having to stop at the top to get a breath, I can maybe dig a flowerbed without giving up after 5 minutes because it is too difficult.  So what is my weight, and where do I want to get it to.

Step on the scales – 125.4Kg, nearly 277lb, 19 stone 11lbs.  That is bad, that is very very very very very very bad.

Project manager conundrum #2 – you have identified the problem, now find the solution.  OK, easy – lose weight.  Been trying that on and off for 3 years.  Best I did was to drop to 118kg and then it was straight on again within a few months.  Need another solution.  This is going to need some drastic response, I don’t need to just change my diet, I need to change my life.  I have a target weight of 99.9Kg, 15st 10Lb – I want to lose 4 stone.

Fortunately, the answer was only a few feet away from me.  There, sitting on the bed was a book, by an author and scientist I have a lot of time for, Michael Mosley.  The book was called the Fast 800 and it described a way to lose weight – fast – and to correct a lot of health problems quickly.  Was it a fad, possibly.  Was it for me, maybe.  Was it producing results, definitely if the author was to be believed.  However most importantly there appeared to be some serious science backing this up, and that caught my attention.  Now, although the answer was staring me in the face, I needed the answer quickly, and I didn’t have time in my life to read another book at the moment.  Quick load up of Audible, and using some of the free credits I have racked up, I now possessed a copy of a 3 hour audio book – The Fast 800.