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False Start

OK, one false start for me, yellow and black card, one more and I will get disqualified.  Won’t let this happen, too much at stake.

Probably a good idea here to lay down the baselines, how does my body currently measure up, just how bad is this.

  • Body Weight: 125.4Kg, 19stone 11lbs
  • Body Fat : 31.8%
  • BMI: 37.3
  • Blood Pressure: 146/105
  • Resting Heart Rate: 72
  • Waist: 40 inches, well that is the waist size of the trousers I can just get into
  • Fasting blood glucose: 5.7mmol/l
  • Cholesterol: 4.5 (probably the only thing that was in some way normal)

Below is the standard BMI chart based on weight and height.  The circle represents where I am at – right on the border of obese and extremely obese, that is a long long way to move to the left to get into the overweight, let alone the normal category.


There are some other worrying numbers on that list.  BP 146/105, should probably be medicated for that.  Tried that a few years ago – tablets made me feel horrible, would prefer not to medicate and attempt to control through diet.  Waist 40 inches (and stretching even that) – this one is a major concern, waist size is now increasingly associated with heart disease and type II diabetes and 40 inches is the danger limit.  The blood sugar was an interesting one, 5.7mmol/l is regarded as the ‘entry point’ for pre-diabetes, with 5.6mmol/l being considered normal.  This figure I really wanted to attack and get into the normal range.  I will talk about my specific targets in another post, except to say, I want to lose the 10% body weight as fast as possible to be in line with the findings of the Fast800 philosophy and the association with improved insulin effectiveness that that seems to bring about.

Anyway, back to the first day of the rest of my life.

  • Breakfast: 1 Hard boiled egg, wholemeal bread, tablespoon of low fat mayo: 205 calories
  • Lunch: USN Dietfuel Ultralean Chocolate Protein Shake: 198 calories
  • Dinner: Brown pasta with a beef bolognese sauce: 174 calories
  • TOTAL for the day: 751 calories

I did it, no snacks, no midnight cheese sandwiches, no chocolate, no biscuits.  Boy did I feel hungry in the evening, temptation was all around me, biscuits, bread, nice things in the fridge, nice things in the cupboards but I didn’t give in.  Just because I am on this eating plan, no need for the boys to be, I don’t mind them eating a bit of junk, just please do it out of eyesight of me please.

10pm – had to go to bed, if I sleep I won’t be hungry….it worked.

Here is an interesting nugget from the Fast800 book.  I had always thought that if you weigh yourself everyday then you may not see big changes and that you would lose motivation.  Best to hold off for a week and take weekly readings and see big losses.  Apparently not, in studies carried out on behaviour and weight loss, those who weigh themselves everyday have a greater weight loss than those who are weekly weighers.  Daily weighers are also more motivated to keep going, and can accept that small ups are likely to be due to hydration fluctuations.  If you are up in weight after a week as a weekly weigher then you will probably think that a whole week was wasted and motivation drops.  Another benefit of daily weighing is that you can respond to an increasing trend quickly rather than take you 2 or 3 weeks to notice the issue and then respond.  I was going to be a daily weigher.

Waking the next day I was both eager and afraid to approach the scales, but I had decided to be a daily weigher, and now was 24 hours since I started this plan.


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